107 WANS Alumni

What ever happened to the WANS DJ's?

Do you remember...?

Mike Benson In the Morning
featuring the "Jolt out of Bed!"

Mike left WANS after returning from Vacation in 1990, however, it was not his choice.  He took his Jolt out of Bed, People Poll and other bag of Benson tricks across town to Rock 101 and his listeners quickly followed.
Later that morning show became the Mike and Scooter Show.
Mike is still in the radio field in Baton Rouge, LA USA
eMail: michaelbenson1@att.net

Jammin' Jeff
Music Director
Nights / Overnights / Weekends
Saturday Night Hot Mixx

Jeff left radio in 1994 and launched a
Mobile Entertainment company
(The Party Machine) in Greenville, SC USA. 
In addition, he is currently involved in the following:
Executive Director of an International Television Ministry.
Owns and operates 2 Internet radio stations (107WANS.com) with more on the way.  His stations can be found online at
My Favorite Radio Stations.com
Devoted husband of 1 wife (Cindy) and 5 kids (all boys).
eMail: jhayes@partymachine.com

"Rodd Metts"
Jonathon Rush
Music Director
Jonathon is the host (and has been for years) of THE MORNING RUSH at 104.7 WNOK-FM
in Columbia S.C.
He was voted Best Local Radio Personaliy of the year in 2005 by the Best of Columbia...

Pistol Pete (Deceased)
Overnights / Weekends / Rick Dees
WANS Freebird

Randy Foxx
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